The Bordeaux urban area has nearly 8,000 rooms to offer, including approximately 1,300 near the city’s main business tourism venues.

The diversified and complementary hotel accommodations enable us to meet all our clients’ expectations.

In relation to efforts promoting the attractiveness of Bordeaux as a destination, new facilities and large-scale projects are being developed with new concepts to meet the needs and desires of business travellers.

Over the past three years, major global hotel stakeholders have opened new establishments in strategic areas of Bordeaux.

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We offer several services to help you manage the logistics of booking your accommodations.

  • Looking for rooms

You may wish to manage the bookings directly but request our assistance in handling the pre-booking of shares of rooms at the hotels.

  • Group bookings

Bordeaux Events is managing the bookings, and you can remain in touch with a single contact person for exchanges concerning rooming lists, invoicing, and sending confirmations.


  • Selection of hotels and pre-booking of rooms based on the needs of your event
  • Creation of an online form
  • Receiving and electronically processing applications, assignment of rooms at the hotels and inventory management.
  • Sending of individual vouchers or confirmation letters.
  • Management of payment and transfer of deposits to the hotels.
  • Assistance with those booking late (sending lists of hotels)


We can also help you manage the delegate registration process.

Rooms / Categories

  • 1 star: more than 300 rooms
  • 2 stars: more than 1,500 rooms
  • 3 stars: more than 2,100 rooms
  • 4 stars: more than 1,500 rooms
  • 5 stars: more than 200 rooms
  • Bed and breakfasts / aparthotels / flats / chalets: over 1,600 rooms

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